Trophies on a table


The Christian Initiative Trust is now receiving applications for the 2014 Mustard Seed Awards. 

The deadline for receipt of applications will be confirmed shortly but is expected to be the end of July.

The Mustard Seed Awards are a competition devised to support grass roots efforts by Christians and Christian organisations to engage with their communities in innovative ways to contribute to wider efforts to advance better understanding and engagement with the Christian religion. 

The 2014 Mustard Seed Awards will remain focused on innovation with three overarching aims, as follows: 

  • Innovations that provide better clarity in the communication of Christian values and faith.
  • To find new ideas that tackle problems in innovative ways and that can reach members of the community that do not already have contact with Christian organisations.
  • To support Christians with an entrepreneurial spirit and talent for making a difference in their communities.

 Before applying for the awards please read the guidelines as applications that don’t meet the criteria won’t be successful. 

To view the guidelines please click HERE

CIT is currently committing all it’s grant funds to the Mustard Seed Awards and cannot consider proposals outside of this competition.

The 2012 and 2013 Mustard Seed Awards were run by the Christian Initiative Trust in association with The Cinnamon Network. The funding was provided jointly by Christian Initiative Trust and one of its sister organisations, Andrews Charitable Trust. Both trusts receive their funding through dividends of the Andrews & Partners estate agency group, which is an independent business wholly owned by the charities.